Gorgeous Picnic Party Baby Shower Inspiration

Gal got in touch with us through Instagram as she wanted to host a truly bohemian baby shower for her beautiful sister Hindi, we love anything boho so we were onboard! So on Saturday 27th July we headed to London to set up for Hindi’s Baby Shower. Whilst the weather wasn’t great, our indoors Plan B still looked pretty spectacular!


Because we all know the great British weather isn’t always reliable, we can be open to making last minute changes to suit the weather as we would do anything possible to make sure your event can go ahead and you have a great time! ⁠

Hindi’s Baby Shower celebrations were set to be in their back garden, as we were not supplying a bell tent for this set up we had to have a wet weather plan B. It was probably the only Saturday in July with rain. The girls cleared the lounge area for us and we got to set up everything as planned… just inside for a super cosy space.


Our low level picnic tables provided the perfect space for guests to sit down, enjoy some delicious food and take part in plenty of baby shower games!


The whole family took part in the baby shower preparations, making sure every little detail was thought out. Gal and Hindi created these beautiful floral hoops and balloon arch to frame, I mean wow! I couldn’t believe them when they said it was their handy work, very talented.


Hindi’s other sister Simmi was super busy creating these delicious masterpieces. Be sure to head over to her Instagram to simply drool over cake art, With Love Simmi

Cake: lemon sponge with lemon buttercream and fresh raspberries

Cake cones & cupcakes: vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream topped with sprinkles and maraschino cherries

Cookies: shortbread biscuits topped with fondant and gold leaf


Do you have an event coming up and you would like some picnic party beauty?
Send us a message today to check our availability and special packages.

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