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Thirty & Fabulous!

We got an enquiry come through from the lovely Ian who was looking to plan something extra special for his wife’s 30th birthday celebrations as a surprise. We thought we’d share with you our styling for Abi’s 30th Birthday, and how fabulous she really is!

So when we first got talking to Ian he  mentioned that he was going for a country/ garden-esque theme which we of course loved the idea of! It was only when I sent across our mood board that we realised I hadn’t quite got the right idea and Ian was actually looking for an America country music style…. luckily he preferred our vision! Turns out Ian had this theme in mind as Abi is a lover of country music, and lots of the guests turned up in plaid shirts and denim.


We’ve followed Abi on Instagram for quite a while and have dreamt about her beautiful home, be sure to head over to The White Thistle to check it out – you won’t be disappointed! I had a sneaky feeling that Abi would love our set up because I loved her styling so I like to think our tastes are in line, gladly I did get a message saying that we are amazing (I’m not big headed at all!).


We supplied three bell tents, each following the country garden theme but slightly different variations of contents and colour scheme. Our first 4m bell tent included my favourite peacock chair, perfect for some fun shots of the birthday girl. We included all plain cushions of greens, light blues, mustard and greys.

Our larger 5m bell tent was in the centre so we wanted this to be the hub of activity. Our round central table is great for guests to sit around and enjoy some food or catch up with some drinks. We headed for a luxe kind of vibe with this one, styled with our greys and light pink cushions. We added our snake charmer basket (which I’m obsessed with) filled with blankets for later in the evening, one of our faux plants and lots of lighting so they could enjoy the space well into the night.

Our final 4m bell tent was all blues, whites and greys using our larger bean bag cubes and side tables. Great space for the little ones to really run around and enjoy!



We’ve mentioned a few times that we can create a drinks station set up for guests, so when Ian mentioned that this would be a nice addition to the party we wanted to try out some new additions!

Heart shaped watermelon pieces

Dehydrated orange slices, with chocolate and freeze dried raspberry trims

Lemon & Grapefruit slices



So we’re not florists…. but you couldn’t tell from this picture right. So when I was planning this country inspired garden party for Abi’s 30th celebrations obviously flowers had to play a part in the styling of our bell tents. You can’t picture an English country garden without flowers right?! ⁠

⁠So the day before I headed to our local wholesalers armed with pictures I had pinned (who doesn’t love Pinterest) and no clue what any of the flowers were! This collection included: ⁠

*Hydrangeas ⁠

*Carnations ⁠

*Jip ⁠

*Wax flower ⁠

*Roses ⁠

When we arrived I basically said to Sam we’ll sort all the bell tents and you can be in charge of the flowers, she was nervous at first but look at the results.

I thinking we should send Sam off on a florist course, who’s with me?! ⁠

Screenshot 2019-07-25 at 9.40.20 PM

Want to see our moodboard that inspired this booking? Head over to our Pinterest board and let us know which pieces you can spot that we brought to Abi’s garden party!



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