Dreamy woodland picnic party inspiration from www.pitch-boutique.co.uk - featuring peacock chairs, English garden florals and woodland creatures!


So as you all know this month has been all about raising awareness on the amount of plastic we use every day, unfortunately its everywhere and the convenience of single use plastics is hard to deny. However, there are so many amazing alternatives which can help protect the environment so I thought I’d share some of the pieces we’ve been using this month for our #plasticfreejuly

Bamboo Picnic Party!


At the beginning of July we styled this amazing Picnic table for little Phoebes third birthday party. When Amy from The Panda Party Company first got in touch I was so excited, I’ve seen her beautiful party bags before and I knew that our services were a match made in heaven. We got talking about themes and things that Phoebe loves and settled on a colourful English Woodland theme. This was the first Picnic setting with our bamboo plates and cups and we absolutely loved the outcome! The colours tied in perfectly with the theme, and we weren’t left walking away with a bin bag full of plastic or paper plates. Amy is also working hard to reduce plastic within her party bags, she styles these card boxes with creative contents such as seed packs, bamboo cups, sweets with paper packaging and quirky hair ties.

I wanted to make sure this booking was as eco-friendly as possible, after all it was woodland theme so we want to protect our woodland! So I took a re-use approach, which being a hire company I’m all about re-using and re-purposing items for different bookings. I didn’t have many items to suit the woodland theme so I headed to my local charity shops to have a little rummage and found some lovely china animal figures which I painted to suit the colour scheme. I knew I wanted to include lots of flowers so raided our garden and filled all different jars and bottles which were heading for the recycling.


Staying Hydrated

Beautiful glamping tents styled by www.pitch-boutique.co.uk - including glamping party ideas, luxurious glamping bedding, cosy bell tent interiors and creative party decorations!Beautiful glamping tents styled by www.pitch-boutique.co.uk - including glamping party ideas, luxurious glamping bedding, cosy bell tent interiors and creative party decorations!

We introduced our gorgeous aluminum water bottles to our glamping hire collection about a month ago and the response has been amazing!! Everyone has loved this small step we’ve taken to reduce plastic use within our hire packages, not only are they beautiful but they keep water fresh all night and with their convenient clips can be taken everywhere.

We’ve also been taking advantage of our bottles over our busy weekends and keeping loads filled up in the van.


I hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in #plasticfreejuly as much as we have, we’ll be continuing our efforts and developing new ideas to help save our planet!


Our Environmental Policy

We an outdoor events company so naturally we love the environment! We’ve adopted a strong ‘Leave No Trace’ policy and introduced several approaches within our company to protect the environment that we have the pleasure of working in.

Stay Hydrated: We provide all of our overnight guests with aluminum water bottles that they can refill throughout their glamping experience. Reducing the need for guests to bring bottles and bottle of plastic they can keep their aluminium water bottle refill throughout their stay, reducing waste and drinking clean, cold English water!

Re-use, repair and repurpose: We lovely re-use, repair and repurpose many elements within our hire services. We repurpose pallets into beautiful tables and low level seating areas and clothes rails. We repair any damages to linens and soft furnishes to improve their usage and we’re a hire company, so nothing we offer is single use and everything we re-use!

#waronplastic: Our efforts in the war on plastic include the removal of all single use plastic water bottles and plastic bags of popcorn and other treats.

Keep it tidy: We welcome our guests help in keeping our area clean and tidy with our Leave No Trace policy. All rubbish and recycling are separated and disposed of accordingly when our bell tents are taken down.

Should you have any questions about our environmental policy we’d love to hear it, please get in touch!


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