Bridal Review of our HENFEST Weekend

A year later I wanted to go back to our first ever HENFEST weekend we organised, for my incredible sister!! Just so you can find out a little more about how Pitch Boutique all started….
Where was your HENFEST?

My henfest was at my parents house in their garden!

Did you know anything about the plans of your hen do?

No, nothing at all. I had far too much on my plate with the wedding, I didn’t want to get involved in any of the stress of organising the hen do. I literally just said to my Sister invite everyone and that was her only brief!

Was it what you was hoping for?

Exactly what I got. A day full of my nearest and dearest ladies! I didn’t want two hen do’s one for my friends and another for my aunts / nans etc. I wanted everyone there all at once!

I’ve organised a couple of hen do’s myself and by god is it stressful trying to cater for everyone the older ladies ( sorry Aunt’s ) the ones with Children ( so can’t commit to the whole weekend ) the ones strapped for cash ( so don’t want to do all the activities ) the transport from A to B to C to D etc!

But the HENfest was just absolutely perfect, suitable for all ages, flexible and local to me so those who couldn’t stay the night went home. The activites are mobile so don’t carry the dreaded venue premium price tag, and no logistical nightmare as it was all in one place! Who wants to waste precious prosecco drinking time in a mini bus!!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Oh gosh this is a tough one!! I’m a complete foodie so just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better and I discovered Katie had arranged for my favourite food ever to be served.. Thai – I was over the moon. I mean the very nice bar men that arrived shortly after for our cocktail class was also a highlight!!!!

What would have made your day even better?

If it didn’t have to end…!!!

Have you been to many festivals before?

Yes lots!

What did you wear to your HENFEST?

I only got the “invite” telling me it was a HenFEST the day before so I went straight to Primark and got the obligatory hotpants and LOADS of bracelets, the biggest earrings and tackiest jewellery I could find.

Anything you could recommend to future HENFEST goers?

Have the BEST time – but that’s pretty much guaranteed you will!!


If you’re looking to host your very own HENFEST head over to our Hen Party packages for more information and get in touch today!


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